What camping/lodging options are available?

On-site camping is available for an additional cost. Primitive tent camping or RV boondocking are the primary options available.

All on-site RV hookups are sold out.

There are many other campgrounds in the area which have cabins as well as additional RV spaces available for rental. 

There is well water available on-site for refilling your drinking containers, however not at each camping site. Please plan accordingly.

Will electricity be available?

Tent camping with electricity is available on a very limited basis, and will be reserved for individuals with physical needs, such as the use of a CPAP machine, the elderly, and pregnant/nursing.

. You may bring a quiet generator.

Are there any rules for this event?

Innapropriate behavior will not be tolerated- including, but not limited to:

  • Gossip, slander, division, sowing discord, drunkenness, etc.
  • Modesty: Men and women- please cover yourselves properly, as this is a family event. We ask that shirts be worn over two-piece bathing suits, especially when walking around camp. 
  • Firearms – Firearms are allowed to be carried by legal adults, unless you are consuming any alcohol. We then ask that you would lock it up in your vehicle.
  • This is not the place to try to convert everyone to your understanding of scripture- whether it be the calendar, pronunciation of the names, ethnicity of the lost tribes of Israel, trinity, what books are or are not scripture… we are here to unite under the faith and belief of the Messiah (Yeshua/Yahshua/Yahusha) and understanding that we are to keep the commandments to the best of our ability. While healthy conversations are encouraged to sharpen one another, please do not come here with an agenda.
  • Polygyny/Polygamy- this practice, although it was prevalent in ancient times, is illegal in the land that we dwell in and will not be allowed within the gates of this private campground. 

If an issue arises, Ancient Path Revivals and its affiliates and/or campground management reserve the right to dismiss attendees from the event without refund. Security will be on-site.




What amenities are available at the campground?

Port-a-potties will be scattered throughout the campground, and one showerhouse with 5 toilets in the main area.

Concessions will be available for purchase on non-Shabbat days, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided free of charge on June 22 (Shabbat). Praise Yah!


What is the nearest airport or bus station, and will transportation be available to and from there to the venue?

The nearest airport will be Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF) and the nearest bus stop is also in Springfield.

Car rentals are available at the airport, which is about 1 hour 45 minutes from the venue.


What specific items do I need to remember to bring?

You will need to bring your own camping chairs, lawn blankets, and shade solutions to the music area. There will be tables and chairs under the tent, but if you want to sit closer to the music, don’t forget a chair!

If you are camping out, you will need to bring all of your camping essentials.

Missouri has a high population of ticks. Please remember to use repellents and check yourself and your children daily for unwanted visitors.

Don’t forget something to wear to the river, and towels! We will have baptisms as well.


Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved and trained pets are allowed, however must be kept on a leash or otherwise contained at all times. We ask that dogs who bark or howl throughout the night be left with a trusted sitter. It will also be your responsibility to clean up your pet’s waste. Per campground regulations, violations of the pet policy may result in being asked to leave.

Do I have to bring food?

There will be food available for purchase on non-Shabbat days, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages.
On Shabbat, there will be three meals provided, free of charge!

There are many grocery stores between 25 minutes to an hour away, depending on the type of shopping you plan on doing. There is a Walmart and an Aldi in Lebanon as well as several local grocery stores. Additionally, there are several health food stores, as well as a Costco a little further away in the Springfield area if you want to stock up before heading to camp.

The water on the property is from a well and is safe for drinking.

Will vendors be allowed?

Absolutely! On non-Shabbat days, vendors are welcome to set up a booth in the main tent. Please fill out this form to request to reserve a space.

What is the dress code?

Modesty is required of all attendees, male and female. We ask that men wear shirts , even while at the river, and for women to wear bathing suits which fully cover their tops and bottoms. No bikini tops/cleavage and please wear shorts or a skirt over bathing suit bottoms. We know that it’s hot, but we don’t want anyone to inadvertantly cause a brother or sister to stumble.

What is the policy for alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis?

Alcohol is permitted, drunkenness is not. Please enjoy the festival responsibly or you may be asked to leave, without being refunded. We also ask that you use discretion and not carry around open, labeled containers.

We ask that all smoking/vaping be done outside of the camping area and away from the sight of the children. While we understand that we can’t guard our children from every part of the world, nor are we casting judgement on anyone who smokes, we would prefer for them not to see followers of YHWH smoking. We want to be good examples for them. While cannabis is legal in Missouri for medical and recreational use, we ask that it not be used within the camp, and with discretion.

Is there a plan in place in the event of inclement weather?

While we pray that Yah blesses us with beautiful weather during this event, in case of rain we will have a large 140′ x 80′ tent set up to continue the festival.

Is there cell phone reception?

This event location is nestled in a valley in the Ozark Mountains near a beautiful river. That being said, cell phone service is very spotty and limited at the campground. You may have to drive a few miles up the road in order to make a phone call.