2024 Lineup

Bryson Gray

Bryson Gray is an American Christian rapper, songwriter, and political commentator. Born and raised in High Point, North Carolina, USA, Bryson discovered his passion for music at a very young age, writing and recording his first songs at age 8. Combining his love of music, with his conservative beliefs, he embarked on a unique musical journey that has garnered attention and sparked conversations.

While his lyrical content often delves into Christianity and social issues, Gray’s music is not confined solely to those subjects. He also explores personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs, providing listeners with a multifaceted perspective on life.

Bryson Gray’s music and outspokenness have gained him a substantial following, with fans who appreciate his unapologetic stance and unique blend of biblical rap and conservatism. He continues to create thought-provoking music that challenges the status quo and ignites discussions on a wide range of topics.

Left and Right Ministries

Linden and Ruth Mitchell are a husband-and-wife duo and the founders of Left and Right Ministries. Their mission is to share the good news of the Kingdom with everyone on their left and right. Messiah Yahshua came announcing that “the reign of Elohim has come near. Repent, and believe in the Good News” (Mark 1:15). As followers of Messiah who have been grafted into the house of Israel, Linden and Ruth continue to proclaim His message of repentance to those who have turned aside from the Way. Their music can be described as “contemporary folk”.

Good Medicine

Good Medicine is Jon and Stasia Estep, a married musical duo who have been creating music together since they met. Their music is feel-good, hopeful alternative folk with lyrically bold and faith-inspired overtones. Lively melodies compliment thought-provoking lyrics that are pulled together from the couple’s love of the Father, favorite bible stories, and good old life experience. All this musical nourishment blended together makes for a spirited and reflective medley of songs.

Their “Good Medicine” goes down nice and smooth. Known to cure most negativity.

Side effects include: smiles, happy feelings and the occasional outburst of uncontrollable dance moves.


Dedicated in his walk, Lorvins showcases a musical artistry that can be called the standard of truth music. Within his collection, it is clear that he is a servant of Yah on a mission to spread His Word. Born in the Bahamas, his sound is enriched in raw elements that capture the soul.

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

J Lutch

J Lutch will be accompanying Lorvins and Yapah Q as another talented hip-hop artist.

Yapah Q

Yapah Q is a singer and rapper home based in Dallas, TX. Her sound and style are unique and set apart. “Yapah” means beautiful and her melodies are definitely living up to her name. Her inside glow shines all over the world through her music ministry. She has written over 40 songs since 2018 and her music is in regular rotation on several radio playlist & podcast. The 1st single off her debut Ep, “Took Me Outah That”, charted on the Christian Billboard charts in November 2021. She is a story teller, promoting repentance but not forgetting what got her to this point in her life. She is a highly sought out feature artist and you can find her on several righteous music makers songs. Just to name a few, Lorvins, J -Lutch, Kayla Phillips & John Boye. She’s real, raw and delivering a righteous message relatable to most. Her mission is to pour out wisdom and be a light to the lost. There is always an exchange of love with her audience. Her passion is serving and to inspire hope. Her debut EP “Path of Virtue” is streaming on all digital platforms and available for download on this site! Each song is heart felt, filled with failure, triumph and perseverance . Stream, download & support. Thank you!

As always, as she states, “All praises to the Most High!

Simply Prodigal

Simply Prodigal, originally formed by lead vocalist Jake Grant and lead guitarist Adam Fink are a Hebraic alternative rock group who are on a mission to call the lost to return to the ancient path. They will be joined by Kourtney Smith (vocals), Kat White (bass), Linden Mitchell (electric guitar) and Aaron Parks (drums). They have a 90’s grunge/rock feel accompanied by lyrics formed with scripture.

Faith Is...

Michelle Lea Glass also known as “FAITH IS…” has been playing music with her 7 children for many years. 

“All of my children have played and sang with me at one time or another. But currently, my youngest daughter Kyrie writes songs, plays guitar, keys, ukulele and sometimes drums with me along side my youngest son Carson who plays fiddle, banjo and sometimes drums.

After the sudden death of my Daddy on November 28, 2007
I fell into a pretty dark place and in the midst of YAH’s hand coming down to pick me up… HE not only began a healing in my heart but also in my mind through music. My Dad lived and breathed music. I don’t remember a day that I didn’t hear him sing a song or play his instruments. Soon after his passing YAH spoke to me what was coming as far as a music/teaching ministry, etc…
I had to write down:



As written above and as the restoration started he began to fill the words in…..



It was during that time he also began leading, guiding and directing my steps into a much deeper place in HIM.
And I soon realized HIS ways were NOT my ways and HIS thoughts were NOT my thoughts. The journey began not only in becoming a Psalmist but in allowing HIS SPIRIT (Ruach) to lead, guide and direct in HIS TRUTH and NO falsehood. (1 John 2:26)

My music covers different genres and I am open to that. I allow HIM to orchestrate how and what we prepare for HIM. What a BLESSING it is to exalt the NAME of YAH and YAHSHUA and allow HIS praise to continually be in our mouths. Although I write most of my songs and am considered a solo artist. FAITH IS is open to all who join us on the highways and the hedges as we minister in Spirit and Truth- (John 4:23)
Blessings and Shalom


Jayo PariYah

Set-apart servant of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄.

Rap/Hip-Hop Artist whose music speaks bold truths, exposing the kingdom of darkness with raw, authentic lyrics and conviction.



Bobby Thornz

At Thornzville Productionz our primary focus is to spread the Gospel message of Yahshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ) through multiple platforms of Audio-Visual Production to ALL nations and walks of life with the ultimate goal of winning souls for the Kingdom of Yah. Repent, Confess, Believe. 

He is coming soon.

Bailey Family Ministry

We are a family ministry dedicated to walking out the Father’s purpose in our lives. Having embarked long ago on this quest, our mission is not complete until every beacon we have been sent forth to light has been kindled. Therefore, we travel far and wide to minister in his name in passion and in truth through the art of our music, and words of our heart. Being a family of ten, we’ve found harmony to be a foundational essence in our music, as well as our life together. It is our sincere hope that we can reach you to inspire in your heart that which the Lord has placed there and draw you to a closer walk with him.

The Lanterns

Robert and Leah Herrage are a singer-songwriter duo based out of NW Arkansas. They are known as “The Lanterns Music”, which was established in June of 2014 and originated out of Matthew 5:14-16. Their desire is to spread the Gospel of Yahshua through the ministry of music YAH has given them, shining the Light in the darkness.



Tailored Light

Tailored Light is Nehemiah Kauffman, a one man band. He has been playing music most of his life and just started recording in 2022. Nehemiah’s desire is to bring glory to Yah through his worship and to scatter the enemy with the sounds of his praise! 

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for Yah’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”
1 Peter‬ ‭2‬:‭9‬




EqualShares is a husband and wife Duo of Aharon and Ruth Turner.
Dedicated to sharing the Truth of The Way of The most high Yahuah and His elect one Messiah Yahshua. They will be joined by Wyatt Owens on percussion.

“Everyone deserves an equal share of love ,the same as we love our own souls”
Equally standing together as the body of Messiah . A brother and a sister to those in need.

Daniel Calame

Daniel calame is your ordinary South Texas man, father, husband and role model. He strives to honor Yah in all ways. He feels music is the biggest gift he could offer to Yah in all obedience. He strives to do everything for His glory.

Kerry Alexander

Kerry Alexander is a well-known Messianic musician who has written many songs based on Scripture and inspiration from his Heavenly Father. He has been blessed with a servant’s heart and the ability to make music that touches hearts.

Kelyn Pohlman

Kehlyn is an up and coming singer/songwriter and worship leader for an assembly in Kansas.